Wheel Chair Lift CaliforniaWhen a wheelchair lift for stairs in California that residents need to get from one place to another is not provided, that can be cause for concern. It is important for businesses to provide ample access to those with mobility issues. This not only includes horizontal movement from the outside to the inside but also vertically between the floors of the building with platform stair lifts. Mobility within your own home is also a must, not only for access but for comfort as well. When the ability to move from space to space within the home has become an issue, the inaccessible spaces are often left to be unused and forgotten.

Diamond Elevator Inc. has been providing vertical access solutions and wheelchair lifts for stairs options for over 30 years. We have been servicing all of the Bay Area in Northern California since 2012. Diamond Home Elevator, the home elevator division of DEI, has several different designs of wheelchair platform stair lifts that can be customized to suit the customer’s needs, as well as compliment the style of their homes.

Contacting a representative is easy and Diamond Elevator Inc. is ready to assist you in giving you that freedom and access to every space within your home. Whether you choose the stylish wheelchair lift California locals love, the Delta Inclined Platform Stair Lift adjacent to your stairs, or one of the various indoor or outdoor vertical lift models; accessibility is within reach in your home or out of it. Call us today and let us improve your life and others with one of our innovative wheelchair lifts for stairs!

Aside from the great selection of options available from Diamond Home Elevator, we also provide 24-hour service whereupon your immediate call; we will evaluate your needs and dispatch service to your location. When you purchase a Diamond Home Elevator wheelchair lift for stairs, customers are guaranteed to be satisfied.  Our Certified Competent Conveyance Mechanics are factory trained on many different models and types of lifts. They are also certified by local state organizations to provide reliable and ample service to our customers.

If you have a problem with your wheelchair lift, or have questions about pricing and installation, contact us here and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.