General Home Elevator Installation FAQ in California

General Frequently Asked Questions About Home Elevator Installation in California

Q: Do I need a contractor or architect to begin working with Diamond Home Elevator?

A: Yes, you should have a general contractor involved before contacting us. A general contractor, architect, and in some cases a structural engineer is required to prepare the home for the elevator. Diamond works with your team to provide elevator details, code requirements installation, and service. Read more about us here!

Q: Does Diamond Home Elevator recommend a particular contractor or architect?

A: No, we will work with companies that are currently on your project though.

Q: Will Diamond Home Elevator help us obtain the permits that we need to build a home elevator? 

A: A Home elevators permit is covered by the permit your contactor pulls for the construction except for certain areas that require elevator-specific permits and inspection’s example the City of Los Angeles. Diamond Can refer you to a Certified Elevator aka QEI inspector in areas not covered by the Building department.

Q: How do we know what permits we need for our jurisdiction to build a home elevator? 

A: Check with your local building department.

Q: What does someone need to do before engaging with Diamond Home Elevator and how soon should one start the process?

A: Find a qualified team consisting of a general contractor familiar with elevator installation projects, an Architect, and if needed a Structural Engineer. Once you have a contractor hired, Diamond can work with your contractor to provide critical information needed in the design and coordination of the elevator installation.

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