Diamond Elevator offers a variety of residential elevators, and accessible wheelchair lifts, in Fresno. We are dedicated to helping individuals overcome mobility barriers in their homes. As a family-owned company providing elevator installation in Fresno, we are proud to offer elevator repair and maintenance, dependable service, first-class custom products, and factory-trained expertise.

Home & Residential Elevators Los Angeles - Los Angeles Wheelchair Lifts

Home & Residential Elevators Los Angeles - Los Angeles Wheelchair Lifts

Our Fresno service area brings the same hard work and dedication that Diamond Elevator is known for throughout California. Our business strives to exhibit the craftsmanship, integrity, and quality service that our mission states, but it’s important that our customers know we’re more than just a business. The customer is our priority, and we’ll be there for you with the best products available.

Diamond Elevator has over 50 years of combined experience in delivering beautiful, high-end home residential elevators coupled with elevator installation to Fresno homeowners. In all our years, we pride ourselves in installing only the finest quality products, staying true to our company motto: “Craftsmanship, Integrity, and Service.” We have expanded to offer Fresno home elevators with guaranteed quality and customer satisfaction.

What do we offer the Fresno area? Here’s what you can expect:

  • Routine Scheduled Elevator and Wheelchair Lift Maintenance Plans
  • Minor and Major Repairs
  • State-Mandated Repair Orders
  • Decommission of Units
  • Installation of New Units
  • Annual Load and Safety Tests
  • Unexpected Service
  • Upgrades to Existing Units

Call now for an obligation-free, on-site consultation on your elevator installation in Fresno. With expert guidance from our team, we can help you choose an elevator that suits your needs and elevator repair and maintenance.

Our sales representatives will help you identify the products that best suit your lifestyle and mobility demands, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution.

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Home & Residential Elevators Los Angeles - Los Angeles Wheelchair Lifts

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