<h2>Savaria Multilift Vertical Platform Lift</h2>

Savaria Multilift Vertical Platform Lift

The Multilift is a vertical platform lift, designed for low-rise travel, inside or outside your home or in certain public spaces. With its durable design, the Multilift is popular for accessing decks and porches even in demanding climates.

At the heart of the Multilift is the reliable operation of the ACME screw drive which delivers precision movement and performance you can count on day after day. Handling up to 750 lb (340 kg), this lift can carry a passenger in a wheelchair with ease. An array of safety features ensure safe operation including sensors to stop the lift if it senses an obstruction.

With its enclosed drive tower and base, the Multilift is easy to install and up for the extremes of outdoors. There are several models of the Multilift available including a mobile version, an enclosed unit and one clad in stainless steel.  This lift is available for commercial applications in the U.S., and home use anywhere, the Multilift is an easy way to add access for low-rise travel.

Technical Information

Applications:  Commercial in the USA, residential, indoors, outdoors

Standard Capacity: 750 lb (340 kg)             

Maximum Travel Distance: 48″ (121.92 cm), optionally up to 72″ (182.88 cm)  Please note that the mobile, 3G and stainless unit are limited to 48″ of travel.

Nominal Speed: 8 ft/min (0.04 m/s)

Drive/Motor: ACME screw drive and back-up nut, 1 hp, electronic-free controller

Power Supply: 110 VAC, or 1/2 hp 12-volt battery model (residential only), Note  that the enclosed model features a 3/4 hp motor and the 12-volt battery enclosed model features a 1-1/2hp motor.

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